Where, when and how can I watch it?
Wherever you are, you can enjoy SLOW CHANNEL through our Android and iOS apps or on-line on our web site. If you own a Chromecast or an AirPlay device, you can also watch our programming on your TV set. Coming soon, SLOW CHANNEL will also be available in many more network-connected devices, starting with your Smart-TV set.

How much does it cost, and how does SLOW CHANNEL work?
With a regular subscription, you have access to hundreds of hours of content to watch as many times as you want on the device of your choice.

I've got a Promotional Code. How can I use redeem it?
If you have one of those codes, don't forget to ask for redemption while you're ordering the service. The site will ask you to enter any promotional code during the payment process.

Can I cancel my subscription?
You can always cancel your subscription at any time. If the streaming freezes or you are unable to play it, please check your wireless or mobile data connection and make sure you are getting enough signal and/or bandwidth. If you find your connection is working fine, then try restarting your wireless network device. Many times that will solve the problem. You may also check if you are experiencing the same issue with other streaming subscriptions or services. In such a case, you may need to contact your Internet service provider. If you're still experimenting technical difficulties, you may drop us a line at and we will respond in prompt time. You can also contact us through Messenger or any of the other social networks.

How do I change my user and password?
You may change your password as many times as you may need by accessing the proper menu on My Account. Unfortunately, your user name cannot be modified, since it is your e-mail account linked to your registration.

How do I watch SLOW CHANNEL through Chromecast or AirPlay?
You can do it with one of these two options. Chromecast is a very useful way to get your portable device in sync with your TV set. This Google device allows to stream content from your mobile phone, computer or Android tablet to your TV set, turning a conventional set into a standard Smart TV. Once it is connected to the set, it can start receiving content from all devices connected to the same wireless network. AirPlay is a similar system used by Apple devices and works essentially in the same way. Whenever you play one of our programs from inside our apps, click on one of these icons to stream the content, and you can instantly watch it on the TV set that's been connected to your Chromecast or Airplay device. It's essential to have both devices (the one from which you will cast the content and the one that's linked to your set) connected to the same wireless network.